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Heritage Meets Sustainability

For us being sustainable is a natural extension of how we care for everything we do.   We believe when you care for what you and how you do it then it is only natural to care for the things you do it with.

Back when all things were crafted by hand there was a limit to how far things travelled, the tools at your disposal to make it and the resource you had available to replace it which mean you truly valued and cared for everything you had.

This is how we believe we need to be thinking today.    Buy well and care for the things you have, buy consciously to make sure there are no unnecessary nasties and buy with a conscience to ensure your impact to the world around you is as minimal as possible.

You see, being sustainable isn’t a one size fits all, we all have different ways of living but if we all make that conscious effect to be a little more thoughtful in how we shop then collectively it can add up to a big impact.  That’s why we hand pick everything that we sell at TMH to ensure it is as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible so you can shop conveniently, safe in the knowledge you are being as sustainable as you can be.

Being more sustainable is a journey and once we know better, we can do better so we are constantly trying to improve our supply chain, source the very best in eco powered must haves and create distribution strategies that have a lesser impact on the planet.