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Sustainable Style: A Guide to Eco-Conscious Glamping at Festivals

Summer is here and the festival season is upon us! Just imagine it, visions of live music, flowing cider, and enough glitter to make a Spice Girl jealous dance around in your head. But let’s face it, festival glamping can leave a frightful footprint on our precious planet, especially when you have no control over how the glamping has been set up.
But fear not, we are here to help show you how you can be a sustainable festival butterfly, combining luxurious living with a clean conscience.

Festival Fun with a Conscience

Sustainability at festivals might feel like a chore, especially with the sheer size of the festival and all those crowds. No matter what festival you are gracing with your presence this year, follow our helpful guide to how you can remain eco-conscious.

Before You Go:

  • Dig a little deeper: Scour their website or social media for information on their sustainability practices. Look for things like renewable energy use, water conservation efforts, and waste management policies.
  • Pack Light, Pack Green: When deciding on your festival essentials, ditch those ghastly single-use plastics – plastic plates, cups, and cutlery, the whole lot! Bring a chic metal water bottle, a camp mug, and a reusable dining kit. Pack light to keep your carbon footprint smaller than Twiggy’s waistline. If you can take the train or even the bus, you will be massively reducing your carbon footprint, that is just marvellous! And don’t forget your biodegradable festival glitter.

At the Glamping Site:

  • Embrace the power of ‘Off’: Be mindful of your energy use my darlings. When you’re not dazzling the crowds with your radiance, switch off the lights and electronics. Utilise opening tent doors and windows to let the breeze work its magic on hotter days.
  • Shower Power: Unless your glamping unit has a private eco-friendly shower (how delightful!), embrace the festival’s shower facilities. But keep your showers short and sweet to conserve water.
  • Waste not, want not: Sort your rubbish like a pro, and follow the festival’s waste guidelines. Look for recycling and compost bins if available.
  • H2O Hero: You may be out in the wild but don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth. Invest in a water bottle with a filter, and say goodbye to those nasty plastic ones. Many festivals now sell their own reusable bottles which are a smashing souvenir and help to reduce unnecessary waste.

Additional Tips:

  • Get Involved: Many festivals offer sustainability workshops or talks. Attend these to learn more about eco-friendly practices and how you can contribute whilst taking a break from the music.
  • Leave No Trace: When it’s time to sashay away, make sure that your glamping unit is clean and free of any waste. Why not donate any festival outfits or leftover camping gear to charity, but make sure it’s still in tip-top condition. Respect the land and leave no trace.

So whether you are heading to a festival near you this weekend, or heading further afield to a festival in the UK this summer, remember that sustainability is a journey, not a destination and every little effort you make adds sparkle to the world. Go forth, glamp responsibly and have a festival experience that is as fabulous as you are! Dance the weekend away whilst knowing you are doing all you can to remain sustainable!