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The UK’s only sustainable Home & Garden Management Platform & Lifestyle Store. Just think of us as your eco-friendly virtual housekeeper!

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London's first carbon neutral home and garden service provider is now online.

A New Offering

From a heritage company.

Find out about Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper’s history and enjoy being part of our future.

Ethical supply chain

At TMH we believe that it is the small changes to our day to day lives that add up to a big impact.  That’s why we only work with brands who align with our cause and values.


Good olde-fashioned sustainability!

The Thoroughly Modern housekeeper was created by the creative team at the Willow Alexander (the UK’s first Certified Carbon Neutral home and garden service provider) as a reaction to what all of their customers were always asking:

“Can you recommend a product that does the job well but is also eco-friendly?”

It was from there that they set about creating a platform and marketplace that could sell the very best in eco-friendly and planet-first Home and Garden essentials alongside their renowned Carbon Neutral Maintenance Services, so the customer didn’t have to work so hard caring for their Home and Garden.


For us it's all about creating a movement in convenient sustainability, it should come naturally to us all, but our busy lives normally restrict more conscious decision making…

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Moving forwards, consciously

With Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper we wish to make it easier to live more consciously and sustainably by taking the guess work out what what’s good and what’s not.

All the home maintenance services we offer will be certified carbon neutral and only use eco-friendly and organic products whilst anything else we sell will have to fall into one if not all of our “Kind To All” criteria.

Now, mix that all together on one convenient dashboard and app and you have yourself one of the easiest ways to look after your home, your garden, your family and the planet without needing a sustainability diploma to avoid all the greenwashing that’s out there.

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, it’s just good old-fashioned conscious care put into everything we do.

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