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Why Choose Us?

Carbon Neutral 2023

Committed to the planet

Our sustainability journey started in 2018 when we created our GREENER PLANET PROMISE, and began to invest in new technologies, ways to manage our services and look after our team. We’ve been fully committed to supporting climate-first innovation across every aspect of our business ever since.

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Sustainable supply chain

We try to source our eco-friendly products locally and, where we can’t, we use registered carbon offsetting programs to ensure we’re capturing the emissions we create. Our courier partners are carbon neutral, and all our staff are automatically enrolled to Sustainabli+ – making them carbon neutral individuals!

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Consciously convenient

Sustainable and convenience doesn’t traditionally go hand-in-hand. Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper is here to change that with carbon neutral supply of home & garden products and services. Find out more about our sustainability journey and promise.

Our Most Popular Subscription Services

Regular Garden Maintenance

Regular Garden Maintenance

Keep your garden thriving! Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper offers regular, eco-friendly maintenance – weeding, trimming, mowing – for a flourishing outdoor space.

Regular Home Cleaning

Relax, we’ll do the cleaning! Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper offers regular eco-friendly cleaning, sparkling your home stress-free, week in, week out.

Regular Window Cleaning

Crystal-clear views! Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper provides regular window cleaning, keeping your world bright and sparkling all year round.

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Handyman Help

Need a home hero? Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper tackles to-do lists! From fixing leaky faucets to hanging shelves, we’ll lend a helping hand.

We have partnered with Willow Alexander and their family of carbon neutral service brands to deliver all of our eco-friendly home and garden services

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