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Celebrate Dad and the Planet: Eco-Conscious Father’s Day 2024

Spring is slowly turning into Summer, and as we slide into June, we are getting ready to treat dad this Father’s Day. It’s time to celebrate the incredible men in our lives who have always been there for us growing up, whilst at the same time also showing some love to our amazing planet. In this day and age where fast fashion and cheaply made gifts are so readily available, instead, let’s embrace a Father’s Day that is as genuine and impactful as your old man himself.

And in a fun bit of trivia, did you know that the most popular gift in the US for Father’s Day is…a tie! We think it’s time to upgrade the gifting game for your dad with an eco-conscious and thoughtful gift this year and every year to come!

The Unexpected Story of Father’s Day

Before we dive into our sustainable gifting guide, let’s delve into a short, yet interesting history of Father’s Day. This celebratory day surprisingly only began around 1910 in the USA, when a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to honour her Father who had raised 6 kids on his own, after their Mother had died during childbirth. After many years of lobbying by Sonora and eventually coming to the attention of the US government, Father’s Day slowly became more of a recognised celebration across the States. But it wasn’t until World War II that this relatively low-key holiday was used as an opportunity to promote the troops out in the field. By the time the war was over, Father’s Day had become a national institution.

Father’s Day gradually spread to other countries and officially became a recognised tradition in the UK in 1972. Mothering Sunday on the other hand, has been practised in the UK since the 16th century!

The Sustainable Shift: Embracing Eco-Conscious Gifting

Moving forward to the present day, gifting is a major part of Father’s Day. In 2022 a whopping £986 million was spent on Father’s Day gifts! As a society, we are slowly shifting towards a more eco-conscious and sustainable gifting mindset, but what is sustainable gift-giving exactly? One of the key ways it helps the environment is that it significantly reduces waste. Fast and cheaply made gifts often come packaged with excessive plastic packaging, and these products often become damaged quickly, which means they will ultimately end up in landfills. Sustainable gifting on the other hand, harks back to a time when items were made to last and quality trumped quantity. Sustainable gifts are designed to be cherished for years to come and therefore reduce the constant need for replacement as well.

Ditch the Waste, Celebrate Big: Eco-Conscious Father’s Day Present Ideas

Coming up with a Father’s Day gift idea doesn’t have to be challenging, and however you choose to celebrate this year, we’ve got a fantastic selection of eco-conscious Father’s Day presents to spoil your dad with this year.

Gardening Delights

Does dad have a green thumb and spend more time in the garden than in the house? With our wide range of sustainable gardening gifts, dad will be spoilt for choice. Let dad get stuck into gardening with our heritage garden tools direct from Sneeboer, whose heirloom-quality items are both beautiful and functional. If dad already has a wide range of tools, why not gift him Sneeboer’s maintenance kit to ensure that dads gardening tools get some much-needed love and last even longer, helping minimise waste and maximise their lifespan?

Dress for Success (and Mess!)

Deck dad out in our unique range of outdoor wear including our fantastic jackets and hats. These items are excellent gifts for budding explorers, outdoor enthusiasts and all dads who will appreciate a well-made piece of clothing that is classically designed with modern functionalities. Why not order a wax apron for when dad is out in the Garden? These traditional aprons will never go out of style and will ensure dad looks as good as he feels whilst tending to the garden.

Timeless Touches

Why not consider the charm of vintage homeware this Father’s Day? Our unique range of treasures offers a touch of nostalgia and character and are truly one of a kind, just like dad. With this fantastic way of gifting, you will give a pre-loved item a new lease on life, making it a wonderful sustainable Father’s Day present.

Curated Comfort

For all the dads who are interior enthusiasts, discover some gems amongst our dedicated homeware gifts, from stunning vases to glassware and more. Whether your dad leans towards a minimalist aesthetic or embraces a bold and eclectic style, we have something to suit his taste.

Recharge and Relax

Even dads deserve some much-needed ‘Me’ time! Treat dad to our range of bath bombs, soaks, steamers, diffusers and more with our self-care range and ensure dad gets properly pampered this Father’s Day.

Celebrate Dad & Save the Planet: Eco-Conscious Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate dad whilst also showing some love for our planet. By embracing sustainable gifting, we can significantly reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment at the same time. So, go beyond the ordinary tie or mug this Father’s Day and discover a gift that truly reflects his passions.